Wiedewei Dirksland

Toddler group
Babies can sleep well in the open air in special outdoor beds
Grow fruit and vegetables in your own vegetable garden
We participate in fun activities in the village

Welcome at Wiedewei Dirksland

Being outside, enjoying greenery and discovering nature in a playful way; welcome to childcare Wiedewei Bergen op Zoom! Babies, toddlers and toddlers go on an adventure in a green play and learning environment. With Toddler Start we work on the development of your toddler. This way we prepare your child well for primary school and your son or daughter gets to know nature and everything that grows and blooms there at a young age!

Would you like to see if Wiedewei suits you and your child? You are very welcome for a tour! Make an appointment with me at [email protected]. Or feel free to come in for a tour and discover whether Wiedewei Dirksland suits you and your child. We look forward to meeting you and your son or daughter!

Green greetings,

Willy Bergwerff - Pols
Branch manager

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Openings hours

  • Day care open from Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm

Note: Adjusted opening hours apply on some days. Look for all closing days in the regulations.

Day care center LRK number: 188578407 Meer info en download GGD-rapport

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