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Lizzy, Kas' mom, about their experience with Wiedewei Dirksland

Published October 19, 2023

Kas is 2 years old and since October 2021 he has been going to Wiedewei Dirksland 3 times a week. Although the initial choice was for a location closer to work, Lizzy den Herder and her partner are still happy with this choice.  

At Wiedewei, Kas spends a lot of time outside and plays and crafts with natural materials
“We have consciously opted for a green childcare center for Kas. I myself have a work history in anthroposophy, where a lot of attention was paid to nature and the world of children. I also wanted to offer my own child such a nice development environment, that is why we chose Wiedewei,” says Lizzy about their choice for Wiedewei. “In the group, the children play and craft with natural materials. They spend a lot of time outside to play, eat and drink. It is even possible to sleep outside. They also discuss themes with 'Spruit', which they apply in different ways to different age categories. These are big pluses that make us happy to bring Kas to Wiedewei.” 

Kas learns new words, names his emotions and makes new friends
Lizzy and her partner notice it at home when a new theme is discussed in the group. “We hear new words that Kas has learned and he is increasingly able to name his emotions, such as happy, angry or shocked,” says Lizzy about Kas's development. “Kas also likes to talk about his friends and the pedagogical staff. When I say in the morning that we are going to see the children, he cannot put on his shoes fast enough. He is often at the front door before I am. Picking it up is a different story, because Kas prefers to keep playing. I usually chat with the pedagogical staff for a while. They take you into the story of the day and also show personal interest in us as parents,” Lizzy continues.   

An establishment where your child develops, plays and learns in a natural way
When asked whether Lizzy would recommend Wiedewei to other parents, the answer is 'yes'. “Despite the fact that there are many children at the location, it always remains quiet. This is mainly due to the natural appearance of the location. Moreover, the children spend a lot of time outside and there is a lot of attention for nature. This allows them to release their energy and continually achieve new development goals. The pedagogical staff convey this to the children with enthusiasm. Wiedewei Dirksland is an establishment where your child develops, plays and learns in a natural way. A good and nice concept to choose!” Lizzy ends the conversation.  

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