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Start early with green at the day care

Your baby goes on a journey of discovery with friends. Playing together and crawling over the grass, where the birdsong and rustling leaves attract the attention of your baby. Your baby grows step by step in the nice and cozy environment of Wiedewei. Our baby specialists welcome you with open arms!

Your schoolchild on a journey of discovery at the BSO

Going on an adventure with your friends after school, that's what you do at the BSO! Helping in the vegetable garden, discovering for yourself how the caterpillars become butterflies, playing with natural materials and exploring the outdoors every day. Your child decides for herself what she or he will do, learns playfully from the seasons and develops a love for nature automatically.

Parents talk about childcare at Wiedewei

We see the benefits of learning to play together with other children, learn new things and grow in a different environment. Otis likes it there and above all feels comfortable and 'at home'. We find that very important!”
Carlijn Middelhoek
mom of Otis
Photo mother Eline + daughter Floortje Tanis (7)-min
Also, if you enjoy a kid coming home covered in mud, but having fun all day, go to the Wiedewei!
Eline Tanis
mother of Floortje