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About Wiedewei

Nature for your child and your child for nature

Stomping puddles with friends, building huts in the Wiedewei garden, baking sand pies in the mud kitchen. Being outside, playing freely and discovering nature is good for your child's development. At Wiedewei your child goes on an adventure with friends. From playing in the mud to sowing vegetables in the vegetable garden. Your child will have the opportunity to develop themselves in all kinds of areas without being forced to. Wiedewei challenges your child in their own development, but also provides peace and relaxation.

Our mission; a future-proof society

The world demands a generation that knows what nature and society need. Children who grow up to become conscious and social adults, with an eye for their living environment. Who confidently grow up to become ambassadors of a sustainable future.

At Wiedewei your child goes on an outdoor adventure with wonder and attention. Natural materials stimulate his or her creativity, imagination and interaction with peers. Your child will sow and harvest in the vegetable garden and experience new flavors through healthy meals. In the relaxing outdoors, your child will explore with friends and relax.

This way your child develops with a love for nature and an eye for his or her living environment. In this way, Wiedewei contributes to a future-proof society.

Our vision: Growing up happily in a green environment

Wandering in the bushes, playing in the mud, stories come to life in a self-built hut. Wiedewei creates these moments of wonder with an outdoor experience, full of discoveries and space for nature. Children are given complete freedom for their own creativity, cheerful adventures and wonderful moments of rest.

At Wiedewei, sustainability, greenery, people and animals are interwoven in everything you see and experience. This way your child increasingly discovers the value of nature. The free environment encourages your child to grow in his or her personality and self-confidence in a healthy and natural way. The development of motor skills and language also gets a boost in the natural environment.

With Wiedewei, play happens naturally. Your child works together and thus easily masters social skills. The pedagogical staff sees what your child needs and offers a helping hand where necessary.

Wiedewei continuously innovates day care, toddler groups and out-of-school care. This is how Wiedewei grows in expertise and Wiedewei works together with important partners on sustainable and future-oriented childcare. Through its own view on the development of the child and the cooperation with parents, Wiedewei allows children to grow up happily in a green environment.

Our core values



Your child grows up with us in a natural, green environment. Because of the attention we pay to green, your child learns to appreciate nature and the environment. Your child will go on an adventure with us in a natural playing and learning environment. The green outdoor area, vegetable garden and natural materials stimulate your child's imagination and creativity.

To grow

To grow

Your child grows with us by developing his or her personal, motor, social and emotional skills through play. By making your child aware of a love for nature and an eye for his or her environment, we help the children grow into ambassadors of the future. We offer our pedagogical staff every opportunity to grow in their expertise. On the one hand for their personal development, on the other hand to help children make optimal progress.



Your child will go on an adventure with us with friends and make their first friendships in this way. They also learn to solve problems together. With us, your child will experience what it is like to work together and your child will also learn about social structures. Together with parents and chain partners, we are committed to the development of children and childcare. Together we build a sustainable and future-oriented society.



By offering a unique outdoor experience, children marvel at nature with us. We believe that children are happiest when they are outside exploring nature with all their senses. Having fun in a familiar environment stimulates their personal growth. With us, children get the chance to approach the world with a curious, open mind and full of wonder.

Safe and trusted childcare

Working on quality

As a parent, it is quite difficult to make a choice for childcare. After all, how do you know that the organization you choose is of good quality? At Wiedewei we are very open about our quality and we are happy to tell you about it. Your child is literally in safe, professional hands.

Pedagogical vision of Wiedewei

When you choose childcare, you want your son or daughter to have a safe place with plenty of space to play, develop and meet other children. Would you like to know more about the pedagogical vision of Wiedewei?

The organisation

Elly Brand

Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board supervises policy and the general course of affairs. They also have the task of assisting the director with advice. The Supervisory Board is composed in such a way that it can perform its duties properly. The Supervisory Board consists of the following members:

Stephan Buijsse, chairman
Leo de Bakker
Olaf McDaniel
Els Groenewoud

2020 – Wiedewei Ouddorp – BSO – Zomer (21)

More about Wiedewei

Wiedewei is the green branch of childcare within childcare organization Kibeo. Do you want to know more about us? Then take a look at kibeo.nl.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about the care at Wiedewei? Perhaps it is among our frequently asked questions. If not, you can always contact us at [email protected] or call (0113) 760 250.

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