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Children sleep wonderfully relaxed in the open air

Published July 20, 2020

At Wiedewei we are outside as much as possible every day, both with the little ones and with the slightly older children. Being outside a lot is not only fun, it's also very healthy! At Wiedewei we always want to take the next step with green childcare. That is why all children of the Daycare can sleep outside at more and more Wiedewei locations.

In Scandinavian countries it is already quite normal for children to sleep outside. Research has shown that children who sleep outside suffer less from colds, because the air quality outside is often better than inside. In addition, the natural sounds in the environment provide a calming effect, so that children can often sleep better.

Specially designed outdoor beds
There are special outdoor beds from the Lutje Potje brand for sleeping outside. These are closed wooden beds that protect your child against sun, rain and strong wind. The mesh provides ventilation and keeps insects out. The beds are on the square of the group, where there is a good view of sleeping. The children wear sleeping clothes that are suitable for sleeping outside and baby monitors are connected.

The establishments where children can sleep outside are Wiedewei Mushroom whey in Barendrecht, Wiedewei Zierikzee, Wiedewei Sommelsdijk, Wiedewei Ouddorp, Wiedewei Dirksland, Wiedewei Puttershoek and Wiedewei Mijnsheerenland!

Agreements and guidelines
Of course we ensure that the children sleep outside in a safe and responsible manner. For example, separate agreements have been made about when a child does or does not sleep outside, which clothing is suitable per season and where the cots are located. You can read about this and more in the Safe Sleeping policy.


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