Warm Sweater Week Warm Sweater Week

Wiedewei prevents energy waste during warm sweater week

Published February 2, 2024

“If you can make yourself warm, you don't need heating!” is the message at your child's location this week. During the warm sweater week, your child at Wiedewei will be busy with activities around 'keeping yourself warm', he or she will learn about energy waste and how to combat it. Of course, a warm sweater should not be missing!

Educational activities and talking together about making sustainable choices

You can turn up the heating, but you can also deal with heat more consciously by putting on a thick sweater or keeping moving. That is why your child will learn this week at Wiedewei what energy is, about energy waste and how your child can consciously use energy. During the warm sweater week, attention is paid to warmer clothing. Including in the form of a fashion show, where your child steals the show with his or her most beautiful warm sweater. The pedagogical professionals also discuss sustainable choices such as keeping the door closed and turning down the heating. In addition, your child will learn about larger sustainable choices. Everywhere in the Netherlands you see solar panels on the roofs and wind turbines along the road. What are those things and what are they good for?

The children do fun exercise activities for warmth, motor skills and health

This week there are fun and educational activities on the program. During these activities, your child immediately applies what he or she has learned. Namely keeping yourself warm by moving!

The pedagogical professionals transform the space into a real dance floor, because it's time to swing! During 'dance yourself warmly' the children dance until they feel warm and all kinds of movement songs are sung. Or how about a warm relay? Your child runs a course where he or she collects different types of warm clothing. Think of jackets, hats, scarves, mittens and thick sweaters. This way your child learns what constitutes 'warm clothing'. In addition to learning about energy and heat, the exercise activities have even more benefits. The activities also contribute to your child's motor development and at the same time serve as a sporting activity. Fun, educational and healthy!

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