Wiedewei Evertsenstraat Barendrecht

Toddler group
School care
A large playground with sandpit, large climbing frame with slide and wobbly bridge
All kinds of different plants and trees that we, together with the Dr. Schaepman School
Stick insects nursery

Welcome at Wiedewei Evertsenstraat Barendrecht

Being outside, enjoying greenery and discovering nature in a playful way; welcome to Wiedewei Evertsenstraat Barendrecht! Your child grows vegetables in our vegetable garden, runs nicely in the challenging outdoor area and makes works of art from twigs and flowers!

Would you like to see if Wiedewei suits you and your child? You are very welcome for a tour! Feel free to step in for a tour and discover whether Wiedewei Evertsenstraat Barendrecht suits you and your child. We look forward to meeting you and your son or daughter!

Green greetings,

Joyce de Voogd - Eggen
Branch manager

Contact information

Openings hours

  • Daycare is open on Tues, Thurs and Fri from 8.30am to 2.30pm
  • BSO is open from Mon to Fri
    • Before school care from 07:00
    • After school care until 6.30 pm

Note: Adjusted opening hours apply on some days. Look for all closing days in the regulations.

LRK number Daycare: 190714852 Meer info en download GGD-rapport
LRK number BSO: 166698726 Meer info en download GGD-rapport

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