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Wiedewei introduces pride: celebrating with attention

Published January 8, 2024

'Whoever has a birthday treats' is a well-known saying for many. At Wiedewei we celebrate birthdays and other festive moments with attention in the new year. That means extra attention, fun birthday activities and a party for the entire group, instead of treats.  

We celebrate festive events with attention
In many situations we are used to celebrating festive events with a treat. Often in the form of less healthy food or drinks. Or a small gift that ends up in a pile of toys and is hardly used. This way of celebrating does not fit with the sustainable and healthy character of Wiedewei. That is why we will from now on celebrate festive events with a party moment with attention for children's birthdays. During such a festive moment, the Wiedewei 'activity wheel' is conjured up. The wheel contains all kinds of fun, festive activities that all children can participate in. Or the children themselves choose an activity that they like. 

In this way, children receive extra attention during a special event, so that they experience that it is an important day for them. In addition, the children learn that celebrating a party does not always have to involve eating.  

Wiedewei also introduces new nutrition policies
At Wiedewei we see eating moments as a social learning moment. A moment of interaction, togetherness, structure and rhythm. That is why we have introduced a new nutritional policy at the same time as the 'Celebrate with attention' policy. Before this, the children at daycare were already offered healthy hot meals at lunchtime, but from 2024 all children at daycare and BSO will eat even better according to the Wheel of Five. The nutritional policy describes what food we offer the children, at what times they eat and drink, but also what role educational staff have during the eating and drinking moments. This way, children at Wiedewei receive all the vitamins and minerals they need to grow up healthily and food is not only tasty, but also a pleasant and educational moment.