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Daycare center BuitenGewoon continues as Wiedewei

Published December 9, 2022

Daycare center BuitenGewoon will continue from January 1, 2023 as Wiedewei, the green childcare at Kibeo. The children can continue to play and discover with their friends at the trusted location, together with the well-known pedagogical staff.

BuitenGewoon and Wiedewei reinforce each other

In recent years, a lot has changed within the childcare sector, including in the field of legislation and regulations and the complexity of running a childcare organization. BuitenGewoon therefore went looking for a suitable organization to hand over the baton to and chose Wiedewei. “We see many advantages in Wiedewei. Wiedewei has a lot of knowledge and experience within childcare. We also think it is important that playing, learning and discovering in the open air is central,” says Merel Ligtvoet, owner of BuitenGewoon.

BuitenGewoon and Wiedewei have many similarities in their vision and mission and reinforce each other. Wiedewei stands for being outdoors, enjoying greenery and discovering nature in a playful way. Vivian Geelhoed – de Vos, director Wiedewei: “Thanks to our collaboration, we can continue to offer the right care to parents and children and further invest in the quality of childcare.”

A safe and trusted place for your child

Welcome to Wiedewei Den Hout

Being outside, enjoying greenery and discovering nature in a playful way; welcome to the childcare of Wiedewei Den Hout! Babies, toddlers and toddlers can go on an adventure here in a green play and learning environment. With Toddler Start we work on the development of the toddlers. We ensure that greenery and nature are reflected in all themes. In this way we prepare the children well for primary school and the children are introduced to nature and everything that grows and blooms there at a young age.


Wiedewei Den Hout