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Adventure, play and fun in the open air, Wiedewei is ready for National Outdoor Play Day

Published June 12, 2023

On Wednesday 14 June, the whole of the Netherlands will celebrate National Outdoor Play Day. A day full of outdoor adventure, play and fun. At childcare organization Wiedewei they are completely ready for it, because they understand very well why playing outside is important. In this way, the organization stimulates the development and health of young children.

At Wiedewei it's outdoor play day every day

At Wiedewei it's outdoor play day every day. In fact, the children and pedagogical staff spend the day outdoors as much as possible. The children play, discover and develop here with materials from nature and let their imagination run wild. For example, a branch becomes a ladle and the children "cook" with great pleasure in the so-called mud kitchen. In this way, their creativity is stimulated and they learn about all the beauty that nature has to offer us.

On the national Outdoor Play Day, the children at Wiedewei will play outside even more. Especially for this day, the pedagogical staff have devised a lot of challenging outdoor activities, such as an obstacle course, water relay and other sports and games. It will be a day you will never forget!

Playing outside has a lot of advantages

Playing outside has many advantages. In the open air, children make new friends faster and learn about working together in a playful way. In addition, they get a lot of exercise while playing outside. This promotes a healthy lifestyle and stimulates motor development, such as movement and body coordination. Those are not the only benefits, because being outside also means getting vitamin D! Vitamin D is good for children's mental health and good mood. Playing outside makes you happy! At the same time, they learn to recognize natural sounds and different textures from outside.

The national Outdoor Play Day is organized annually by Jantje Beton and Nickelodeon

The national Outdoor Play Day is an initiative of the charity Jantje Beton and TV channel Nickelodeon. They have been organizing this day for more than 10 years and then turn the Netherlands into one big playground. Various activities make it more attractive for children to play outside. Running around with friends and having a lot of fun, that's what playing outside is all about. There is nothing to see on Nickelodeon on national Outdoor Play Day, so they encourage children even more to go outside. Sitting on the couch and watching TV is not an option this Wednesday afternoon.