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Toddlers learn through play in the toddler group, more than just childcare

Author Cynthia Huyssen, Pedagogical policy officer at Kibeo
Published August 9, 2021

And then suddenly your discovering toddler is a curious toddler! Starting with toddler care can be quite exciting, even if your child is already used to the daily rhythm of childcare. Toddlers learn a lot through play in our toddler group, but how does a day at the toddler group actually go?

When you bring your toddler to the toddler group, the pedagogical employee (pm'er) will welcome you warmly. Are there any details or do you want to say something to the PM? Then you can discuss this. Meanwhile, your toddler chooses where and with whom she or he will play freely. The PMs follow suit and keep a close eye on the children's play. This way they can see how your child is doing.

Attention to your toddler's development

The Pre- and Early School Education (VVE) program Toddler Start starts around 9:00 am, in which all toddlers who go to Kibeo participate. We then pay attention to the development of your toddler. We do this with the targeted activities from the Uk and Puk method.

Toddlers learn new skills through play

The PMs stimulate speech and language development, social-emotional skills, motor, sensory and thinking skills, creative development and numeracy skills. They do this in a playful way, for example with games, craft activities and songs. Your toddler learns new skills very easily. This also ensures better developed learning skills of your toddler and better school performance in the long term.

A wealth of new experiences

Of course there is plenty of time in between for the proper care of your child. Your toddler eats and drinks together with the other children and sleeps according to the rhythm at home. And every day we play outside together. After a fun and challenging day, your child will go home with a wealth of new experiences!

Toddler group, more than just childcare

The toddler groups of Kibeo are more than just childcare. And the more regularly your child goes to daycare, the better your child will develop. Also on a social level. This way your child learns values and norms, taking each other into account, treating each other with respect and playing together with other children. This is how the first friendships are born!

Would you like more information about the toddler groups at Kibeo? We are happy to tell you more!

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