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Welcome to Wiedewei!

Ukkepuk daycare center will be Wiedewei from January 1, 2024. The branch remains a trusted childcare place for you and your child. Your child can continue to play, learn, discover and develop with his or her friends as usual, together with the well-known pedagogical staff. This way we can maintain the nice, familiar childcare!

Wiedewei and Ukkepuk: many similarities in mission and vision

Wiedewei and Ukkepuk have many similarities in mission and vision and attach great importance to collaboration with other child-oriented facilities. This collaboration allows us to continue to provide the right care and invest in the quality of childcare.

Would you like to register your child with Wiedewei?

With wonder and attention outside on an adventure

Wandering in the bushes, playing in the mud, stories come to life in a self-built hut. Wiedewei creates these moments of wonder with an outdoor experience, full of discoveries and space for nature. Children are given complete freedom for their own creativity, cheerful adventures and wonderful moments of rest.

At Wiedewei, children go on an adventure outside with amazement and attention. Natural materials stimulate their creativity, imagination and interaction with peers. We sow and harvest in the vegetable garden and experience new flavors through healthy meals. In the relaxing open air we go on a journey of discovery and relax.

This is how children develop with a love for nature and an eye for their living environment. With this, Wiedewei contributes to a future-proof society.

Ukkepuk will have a new name as of January 1, 2024, in line with Wiedewei.

Wiedewei Voorburg

Questions or more information

You are always welcome to visit us to see if Wiedewei suits you and your child. Or make an appointment for a tour. We would like to get to know you and your child.

Our customer advisors are also ready to help you, they are happy to answer your questions. Send an e-mail to [email protected] or call (0113) 760 250.

Guided tour

Start early with green at the day care

Your baby goes on a journey of discovery with friends. Playing together and crawling over the grass, where the birdsong and rustling leaves attract the attention of your baby. Your baby grows step by step in the nice and cozy environment of Wiedewei. Our baby specialists welcome you with open arms!

Your schoolchild on a journey of discovery at the BSO

Going on an adventure with your friends after school, that's what you do at the BSO! Helping in the vegetable garden, discovering for yourself how the caterpillars become butterflies, playing with natural materials and exploring the outdoors every day. Your child decides for herself what she or he will do, learns playfully from the seasons and develops a love for nature automatically.